LIGNA 2017 shows concrete signs of recovery and opens up good prospects for the woodworking industry

CMC Texpan 2017 Ligna

The 2017 edition of LIGNA, one of the world's leading trade fairs dedicated the woodworking industry, has been characterized by widespread optimism and excellent results.

The huge Siempelkamp stand received an extremely high number of visitors since the very beginning of the fair. While the videos looping on an enormous screen offered immediate information about the Siempelkamp group and its activities, the glue blender showcased by CMC TEXPAN in association with a new glue dosing system which is currently under study by Siempelkamp attracted much attention from all visitors, providing a concrete, "touchable" approach to the spectrum of products and services offered.

The whole stand staff really had a hectic time, meeting interested professionals and potential customers from all around the world.

"It has to be noted that there was more than a generalized interest: questions were extremely concrete and specific. No doubt, the expertise and versatility of our people were highly appreciated!" comments Mr. Paolo Gattesco, Chairman of the Board leading the CMC TEXPAN team at the LIGNA.

The widespread trend towards smart production highlighted the importance of an efficient resource management. In this regard, great attention was directed to glue blending and mat forming, two essential stages of particleboard production for which CMC TEXPAN can offer reliable and innovative solutions.

Attention to sustainability was one of the hot topics at the LIGNA, attracting much interest to plants for recycled wood processing.

Last but not least, a great focus was placed on operational safety: in particular, all the issues related with fire and explosion prevention and protection remain among the highest priorities and the international regulations with which industrial activities are required to comply are getting more and more strict.

In addition to revamping projects, there were also several talks about brand new plants.

"All these factors point to an upturn trend in the market" concludes Mr. Gattesco "which, however, can't be seen as a sudden or random process, but rather as the result of increased awareness."