Equalizing and Pressing Unit

CMC Texpan Equalizing Units smooth the core layer mat, thus improving transversal and longitudinal density, for an easier and more even distribution of particles on the panel surface layer. The increased core layer quality reduces the quantity of material required in order to form a high-quality surface layer, suitable for all types of finishing, including laminating foils, low-basis weight papers and thermoset paper laminations.

Technical Characteristics

CMC Texpan Equalizing Units use a milling pinned system installed immediately after the last core layer matformer. A feeler pin installed at the system inlet detects any variations in themat profile. The pinned roll system continuously mills thicker particle areas and fills thinner areas, thus achieving an extremely even core layer distribution.

Core layer crosswise distribution is remarkably better, even when producing panels as thin as 16mm. A thickness of 16mm requires a mat of about 70mm, and usually has a forming accuracy of ± 4%. CMC Texpan Equalizing Units, by milling thicker areas by just 1mm, improve forming accuracy by almost 1%. Equalizing Units also are the only really effective system for removing random faults.

Pressing Units

CMC Texpan Pressing Units are being installed after the last core layer matformer as well. The system lightly compresses the mat and prevents any core layer particles from protruding into the surface layer, thus ensuring a high surface layer quality.

The system also prevents surface layer particles from penetrating into the core layer, by reducing the required quantity of surface layer material and saving on costly resins.

Existing production lines often have pressing units installed in order to achieve a better accuracy in crosswise distribution and a higher-quality panel.

Gravity Pressure Rolls

CMC Texpan also offers and inexpensive and easy-to-install Gravity Pressure Roll System, this way providing with some of the advantages that characterize Pressing Units as well. Pressure Rolls lightly compress the mat, in order to prevent any core layer particles from protruding into the surface layer, thus ensuring a noticeable surface layer quality.

The system is equipped with a self-adjustment device, for height control. The roll weight is also adjustable in order to enhance core layer leveling.

Equalizing – Pressing Units

CMC Texpan Equalizing and Pressing Units are available as individual units or can be combined into one unit, as shown below, in order to ensure a high product quality together with low overall investments.

CMC Texpan Equalizing-Pressing Unit: