Glue Blenders

Gentle and effective blending of particles and resin

A crucial issue to be dealt with whenever it comes to blending is how to preserve the geometric shape of the particles. This is very important, as an excessive reduction of the particle size would generate dust and result in spots, as well as in an increase of glue consumption.

CMC TEXPAN low speed blenders ensure high retention and mixing times. In this way, the centrifugal effect (exerted on the particles by the rotation speed) decreases, thus reducing particle impact and fragmentation.

S.L. glue blenders are provided with half-moon shaped tools to provide a better guidance to the loading-mixing zone.

C.L. glue blenders are equipped with a screw conveyor drum to avoid particle impact.

A cooling system allows separate cooling of glue blender shell and shaft. Mixing chambers can be supplied with special wear-resistant linings to meet severe operating conditions as well.


  • very homogeneous distribution of resin;
  • less particle fragmentation;
  • better cleanliness;
  • less glue spots.