Multi Head Forming Machine

Three-layer particleboard at its best

Forming Systems

CMC TEXPAN multi-head forming systems are the best solution for the production of premium multi-layer particleboard.

A typical forming station basically includes two wind mat formers for the Surface Layers and one or two mechanical mat formers for the Core Layer.

The unit provides for the spreading of a three-layer mat, consisting by:

  • an uniform, homogeneous Core Layer made up of coarser particles, without any size separation:
    • excellent mechanical properties (panel strength, internal bond);
  • two Surface Layers showing a graded structure, with particles becoming finer and finer towards the surfaces:
    • top quality surface finish (melamine coating even with low weight papers).

Forming stations may be equipped with width adjustment units to enable the production of multiple width formats, or further systems to enhance their function, such as disc separators, mat weighing equipment, equalizing devices or suction systems with particles recycling units.


  • high output capacities;
  • costs savings;
  • great spreading accuracy;
  • top quality of finished panels.