Technical trials at Site confirm effectiveness of CMC Texpan EcoFormer SL

Ecoformer SL CMC Textpan

After the first months of operation at the Russian plant Uvadrev, EcoFormer SL has undergone a complete series of technical trials, conducted by a joint team of Siempelkamp and CMC Texpan engineers.

The tests, particularly focused on assessing the efficiency of the new system for air flow distribution inside the wind forming chamber, have shown a significant improvement of cross weight distribution within the Surface Layer mat, resulting in better quality of the whole panel: all this with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Last, but not least: the production output reached by the machine is higher than the guaranteed value.

Further EcoFormer SL units have been already delivered to plants in Indonesia, Serbia and Germany (currently under erection) and respectively in Bangladesh (erection scheduled to start in October). Additional orders have been acquired - or are under negotiation - for brand new facilities, as well as for revamping projects, since - generally speaking - the EcoFormer SL has been designed to fit into existing spaces (feasibility of installation is carefully checked during the preliminary steps of project development) and it can also be used as a component of an upgrade package.