Glue Kitchens

Accurate preparation of the resin mixture

Mixing glue and additives in a glue kitchen is a very delicate step that requires the utmost accuracy: correct and controlled dosing of each component is essential.

CMC TEXPAN glue kitchen use Coriolis-type mass flow meters for glues, emulsions or melted wax, and magnetic flow meters for all the other components.

To ensure the correct dosing of each component, the capacity set-point is continuously compared with the actual measured throughput and the dosing pump speed is adjusted accordingly.


  • high sensitivity : mass flow meters are responsive to density variations (not detected by other volume-based metering systems);
  • two separate dosing tanks for S.L. and C.L. glue, for highest reliability;
  • accurate control of the complete glue preparation process, by means of HMI and PLC systems.