Established as a small-sized enterprise in 1962, CMC Texpan has come a long way throughout the years.

While consolidating its reputation as a metalworking manufacturer, the company gradually acquired engineering and business skills, entered international markets and became a major supplier of machinery and plants for the woodworking industry.

CMC Texpan has been cooperating with Siempelkamp since the 80s and is now a proud member of the Siempelkamp group, that benefits of the experience, skills and "Italian spirit" of a long-time business partner.

Our mission: "Always keep one foot in the past, your head in the present, and your eyes to the future"

History and tradition represent the foundation of our business; our knowledge base is our strength, not an obstacle for growth and development. Quality, reliability, profitability and sustainability: we are focused on the concrete needs of our customers and their feedback is of the utmost importance to us, since it is essential for a continual improvement process.

Our vision: "Together we are stronger"

Customer and supplier work side by side. Their relationship must bring mutual benefits in a future-oriented perspective. That's why we believe that operational excellence must not be a goal in itself, but a means in order to develop customer intimacy.