Wind Matformers

State-of the-art technology for top surface quality

CMC TEXPAN Wind Matformers are the best proven, worldwide recognized solution to obtain panels with premium quality surfaces.

Glued particles (i.e. particles previously mixed with a bonding resin) are fed into a wind forming chamber of suitable length.

Here, an air stream blown through a nozzle unit (also called blowers) provides for the separation of the particle flow: larger particles fall near the blowers, fine particles fall at the edge of the chamber. In this way, larger particles and furnish contaminants (if any), such as sand, are conveyed into the core of the mat, leaving a fine surface with an optimum aesthetic appearance.

Wind Matformers can also be used in revamping projects to improve panel surface quality in existing particleboard lines. In these cases, they are installed at each end of a series of existing mechanical Core Layer spreaders.


  • less rejects due to panel surface imperfections;
  • panels are suitable for all types of finishing.

ecoFormer SL

The evolution of an excellent concept

CMC TEXPAN's ecoFormer SL represents an evolution of the traditional wind forming concept.

It is aimed at optimizing the separation of finer and coarser flakes (that's to say, better crosswise distribution of mat weight) by making the air flow inside the wind forming chamber more efficient.

The air flow path has been analysed by means of a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation in order to work out the most effective configuration of the unit.

The core of the system is represented by a diffuser plate with holes of a special shape, receiving the air flow blown by axial fans through a plenum chamber and providing for a perfect canalization and distribution of the air flow among the single blowers.

The unit is perfectly suitable for revamping applications as well, since it keeps the same overall dimensions of a standard wind forming chamber.


  • better cross weight distribution;
  • maintenance-friendly;
  • reduction of pressure loss; energy saving.