Gravimetric Separator

Classification of particles and removal of pollutants in a single machine

CMC TEXPAN gravimetric separators provide for the classification of particles according to their weight, size and thickness, as well as for the removal of pollutants.

Their principle of operation is based on a fluidizing and classification chamber working with a counter air flow.

The material is introduced into the fluidizing chamber from the top and gently settles in the lower section of the chamber thanks to a rotating spreader.

An air flow with a preset speed, injected by a fan into the distribution chamber, provides for the fluidization of the particles, as well as for their classification according to the physical principle of gravity.

Particles suitable for production will be brought by the air flow into the upper section of the chamber, and they will be conveyed to the cyclone unit, whereas rejected material will be conveyed outwards.


  • versatility: the machine is custom designed according to the features of the processed material;
  • the geometric shape of particles is preserved.