Forming Systems

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Forming Systems

Although being one of the oldest engineered wood products, particleboard still enjoys very great popularity both in interior and exterior applications.

It is manufactured from wood particles of suitable size, blended with resin and spread as a continuous mat on a movable substrate (usually, a belt conveyor) running underneath the production line. The formed mat is then heat-pressed to obtain panels.

The core of particleboard is a wood particle mat, therefore mat forming plays a key role in the whole production process.

Thanks to its technological know-how, gained in more than 50 years of experience, CMC TEXPAN is a world leader in forming systems for wood-based particles.

CMC TEXPAN offers a wide array of forming systems, designed for the production of panels with high-performance mechanical properties and very fine surface layers, suitable for melamine paper coating or even for direct lacquering.

Forming widths range from 1200 to over 3000 mm; output capacities of more than 3000 m³/day are possible.

CMC TEXPAN forming systems are usually installed in combination with Siempelkamp's ContiRoll® presses, however they are perfectly fit to work with single or multi-daylight presses as well. Our in-depth knowledge of the mat forming process ensures the best solution to the specific needs of every single customer.