Oscillating Screens

Precise classification of particles into fractions

Screening Machine

CMC TEXPAN oscillating screens are suitable for wet and dry materials, particles and chips. They provide for a precise classification of wood material into different fractions, which are then sent to further processing.

The principle of operation is based on the oscillation of a sifting case equipped with several sifting decks located inside; the vibration intensity is adjustable by means of counterweights.

The quantity of the screening fractions depend upon the number of the sifting decks, while the obtainable particle size depends upon the type and mesh size of the single screens.

Screens with fine mesh size are usually equipped with an automatic cleaning system by means of rubber balls floating within the screen-holding frame. The machines can be supplied also in two-stage execution, in order to achieve big capacities, yet keeping space requirements as limited as possible.


  • high efficiency;
  • machine size, number and size of fractions are custom-tailored to meet any specific requirements;
  • maintenance friendly: easy extraction of screens for minimum cleaning and replacement effort.