Extraction Systems for Storage Silos

Reliability in material handling

CMC TEXPAN extractors for storage silos are available in different versions to meet any specific requirements and needs:


This kind of extraction system is widely used in the wood based panel industry to handle loose materials such as chips, sawdust, bark and recycled wood.

A moving floor extractor includes a set of sliding frames (also called "ladders"), arranged side by side on the bottom of a rectangular silo and driven through hydraulic pistons.

The extraction of the material is achieved through the alternate (forward and backward) sliding movement of the ladders; the material is then discharged into a hopper equipped with a dosing screw.


This kind of extraction system may also be used for all kinds of wooden material (chips, flakes, wet / dry particles, dust etc.).

Basically, the extractor includes a sturdy elliptical sliding frame, sliding back and forth on the bottom of a round silo by means of one or two hydraulic pistons, located outside of the silo and driven by a hydraulic unit.

The system is maintenance friendly and may also be retrofitted into existing silos, with one or more discharge screws arranged underneath, so as to feed more conveyors.


This type of extractor provides for simultaneous extraction and dosing, requiring no additional screw conveyors on the bottom of the silo.

The extractor consists of a rotating turret, with one or two sweeping screws mounted on it. The material is discharged in the middle of the turret as the screws rotates and revolves.

The system is an excellent solution for the extraction of difficult, wet and compact materials, which often create bridging problems in silos.

Upon request, we can also supply silo body, or drawings for the local fabrication of the same.


  • constant and regular extraction of the stored material;
  • controlled feeding of the units located downstream.