Disc Separators

Enhance quality of processed particles

CMC TEXPAN Disc Separators are installed upstream of mechanical matformers for Core Layer.

They are aimed at removing any possible glue lumps and oversize particles from the material flow, so as to feed a more uniform furnish to the matformers.

A disc separator basically includes a bed of shafts with discs rotating at different speeds, whereas the passage clearance between the discs is conveniently selected according to the size of the processed furnish.

In this way, particles with suitable size will pass through the discs and be conveyed to the matformers, while oversize particles and any possible glue lumps will be rejected above the discs.

The system ensures an effective protection of press platens (or steel belt) against any damages due to the presence of oversize lumps in the formed mat, which is particularly important whenever thin panels are produced.


  • better furnish, forming quality enhanced;
  • protection of downstream machines against damages coming from lumps and oversize particles.