Improving Existing Lines

Your problem – our solution

Improving Existing Lines

Poor mat forming quality results in a number of issues involving higher costs and lowering customer satisfaction:

  • lower quality of finished panels;
  • higher quantity of waste;
  • necessity for additional finishing treatments…

CMC TEXPAN can propose effective, custom-tailored solutions for existing production lines, to increase their production capacity and improve the quality of finished panels.

CMC TEXPAN's equipment can provide an optimal solution to many of the most common problems affecting existing production lines:

  • Weight distribution related issues:

    Cause: uneven Core Layer, resulting in the removal of Surface Layer even with minimal sanding.

    Consequence: higher consumption of S.L. material.

  • Surface finishing problems:

    Cause: imperfections of the Surface Layer.

    Consequence: need for additional finishing treatments or heavier coating papers.

  • Problems related to the mechanical and physical properties (e.g. internal bond) of finished panels:

    Cause: non-homogeneous distribution of particles within the Core Layer of the mat.

    Consequence: higher consumption of glue.