EcoResinator P": glue saving and improved efficiency in particleboard production


Ecoresinator P", the revolutionary system for wooden particle blending, has raised great interest among professionals worldwide since it was first introduced on the leading exhibitions dedicated to the woodworking industry.

The system, allowing glue savings up to 10%, can also be installed on existing glue kitchens with dosing pumps, as it doesn't require any modifications of the existing equipment.

In the main unit of the system, the particle flow is divided in layers over its entire width; at the same time, gluing resin is sprayed through some special, low-pressure air nozzles ensuring an uniform, constant and homogeneous spraying at any time.

The "EcoResinator P" also includes a secondary unit, meant as a complete replacement for traditional glue blenders, which provides a gentle mixing of glued particles at a very low speed. In this way, with the "Ecoresinator P", low investment costs produce major savings and improved quality.

So far, three "EcoResinator P" units have already been sold to European and Asian customers, their commissioning and start-up is scheduled to take approximately by the end of the year: at the same time, several quotations are being developed, both for new and revamping projects.